Doctor advises to leave home with Chinese drywall

As cases of Chinese drywall continue to pop up in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia and other places, the dangers of exposure to it seem to be becoming all too clear. Per CNN, Chinese drywall, in one doctor’s opinion, is the cause of recurring health problems and may even be dangerous to pregnant women. One family’s situation led the physician, Dr. Ross Nochimson of South Florida, to recommend evacuating to another residence until the drywall and its health danger are gone.

Yorelle Haroush fled a million-dollar South Florida home this week, chased out, she said, by drywall made in China that’s emitting vapors that smell like rotten eggs.

“It’s making me sick. Physically, mentally and emotionally, making me sick,” said the 18-year-old, who is pregnant with her first child.

Haroush lives with her aunt Amy Massachi and her four siblings and cousins in the house. They believe a year’s worth of upper respiratory infections, antibiotics, bloody noses and sickness have been caused by the walls.

Their doctor said they need to get out of the $1.2 million estate in Parkland, Florida, northwest of Fort Lauderdale.

“I said, ‘you can’t stay there anymore, because you’re sick every minute,'” the family’s longtime physician, Dr. Ross Nochimson, told CNN. “They’re sick on a weekly basis. Earaches, sore throat. I give them something, and they’re sick again.”

The more cases in which physicians with a history with families tell them that their problems are not part of a susceptibility to their environment or health history but, rather, because of Chinese drywall, the more this issue retains urgency.

While builders, contractors and suppliers continue to distance themselves from responsibility, save in some cases, home and property owners are paying the price. There are obvious and documented health problems being caused by this faulty product and along with the investigations the governments, both state and federal, are launching, there is restitution that needs to be made.

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