Berniard Law Firm files class action against Cox cable

In a move intended to help protect the citizens of Louisiana from price-gouging and keeping companies from taking advantage of service monopolies, the Berniard Law Firm has joined with other area law firms in a class action against Cox cable.

The general intention of the case against Cox revolves around their refusal to provide their service without costly add-ons that gouge customers and prevent fair market practice. Cox’s refusal to allow customers to use cable boxes of their own when using the premium cable service they subscribe to is wholly unfair and constitutes a violation, in our opinion, of antitrust law. Cox customers are unable to do any arrangement but the one Cox forces, which is to contract with Cox for the rental of a set top or cable box that totals $5.25/month, $63.00/year. For customers who have used Cox for some time, these charges can add up.

Because Cox ties their premium cable services to piece of technology that they alone provide constitutes, in our opinion, a violation of regulations of trade that were put into effect by the government, both state and federal, to protect consumers from unfair business practices.

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