NOAA retires deadly hurricane names

In a move set to memorialize and preserve the memory of the carnage and harm recent hurricanes have caused, the NOAA is retiring several notable storm names from active use in the upcoming hurricane season.

The names Gustav, Ike and Paloma will never be associated with future hurricanes or tropical storms on account of their deadly romp through the Caribbean last year, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced.

The storms claimed more than 200 lives and left a trail of destruction calculated in the billions across the region from August to November 2008.

Under the normal six-year rotation, the names would have been up to be used again in 2014. However, they will be replaced by Gonzalo, Isaias and Paulette.
An NOAA spokesman said the names were retired for reasons of sensitivity.

This is a good move by the weather service and a chance to move forward in the wake of these storms’ deadly destruction.

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