Firm’s Lead Attorney Educates Area Attorneys on DePuy Hip Implant Legal Situation

As part of our firm’s efforts to educate the public at large about their legal rights in matters, lead attorney Jeffrey Berniard will be informing his peers about the Johnson & Johnson/DePuy ASR hip implant replacement legal issue. Having already been an active part of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) courses, as well as serving as an educator to law students on legal matters, Jeffrey Berniard is transferring his experience with product defect and company liability matters to the classroom.

Over the years, post-Katrina, the Berniard Law Firm has been an active part of helping Louisiana and other Gulf Coast residents recover in the wake of storm damage and insurance company delays. What’s more, our firm has actively pursued legal accountability against refineries in Louisiana and elsewhere for chemical leaks in Chalmette and Hahnville. In the wake of the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Jeffrey Berniard and his firm immediately began representing families for their losses as well as assisting in the difficult and confusing claims process that ensued once the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) took over the payment process.

For more information about your legal rights in the DePuy issue, or other matters relating to injuries, personal or property, contact our offices today. In a variety of matters, your legal rights can be limited by how long you take to consult an attorney to discuss what options are available to you. By speaking with Jeffrey Berniard, you will not only have the ability to speak with a rising attorney with significant peer respect and extensive experience in his fields, you will also be limiting the potential of losing the financial award you deserve.

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