Allegations Allstate Defrauded Government, Policy Holders Emerge in Court

The Gulf Coast has seen its share of hurricanes and tropical storms, unfortunately, and nearly everyone who lives in our region knows someone who has been adversely affected by the damage these acts of nature cause. Whether a home, car, business or other form of property, many suffered devastating losses that left the future unclear. While those with insurance may have felt more relieved than those without, the fact remains that a wide variety of uphill battles exist.

If you are a Louisiana resident who suffered any type of injury relating to a storm, whether it was to your person or property, the courts have held a mixture of results that both reinforced and hindered claimants. Just a few weeks ago, a lawsuit was filed in Louisiana against Allstate Insurance in conjunction with a whistle blower alleging improper actions by the company.

The case, which is still pending in the courts, claims that Allstate cheated the federal government by creating false data that steered the majority of costs toward the National Flood Insurance Program. The lawsuit accuses Allstate, a major participant in the government’s Write Your Own Program, of fabricating damage documents. Allegedly, Allstate “substantially inflated” the flood portion of damages while “substantially deflating” the homeowners insurance claims. This means that the company may have also been shifting numbers away from the claims of homeowners, forcing them to either settle for the offer substantially less than they deserved or hire attorneys to get them proper compensation.

The suit states that “Allstate thus knowingly presented, or caused to be presented, … fraudulent claims for substantially inflated flood insurance benefits” covered by the federal flood insurance program. This is outrageous and, if true, against the law given the fact insurance companies should not be allowed to benefit at your expense. Louisiana residents have rights, and the law on their side, in circumstances where they have been wronged by a company they have trusted. A knowledgeable attorney can help you try to recover money that you are owed but were cheated out of by Allstate or another insurance company.

This is not the last we will hear of this lawsuit. Allstate and other insurance companies will continue to be challenged in court if they have committed wrongs against citizens of Louisiana. The Berniard Law Firm defended thousands of insurance policy holders against companies that delayed payments. Additionally, if you have information about Allstate or any other insurance company that shows they may have tried to defraud the government or the people, you need to contact an attorney immediately. Often, as a whistle blower, you can recover monetary damages or a portion of the amount the government recovers because of your valuable information.

If you believe you have not received the financial compensation you deserve or that an insurance company is leading you astray with improper offers, contact our offices today. An unfortunate reality is that insurance companies will pull a variety of ‘games’ while dealing with claims that, in the end, do not represent the interests of the customers who submitted their monthly payments faithfully expecting only what they were due. If you are receiving the run-around, or for more information on insurance company delays, contact the Bernaird Law Firm today.

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