Houston boasts new Hurricane center

On the campus of the University of Houston, a new storm preparation center will work to educate students and area locals on the effects and dangers of hurricanes while developing technology to predict and innovate protection against such storms. Justin Horne of KIAH reports

The Texas Hurricane Center for innovative technology was developed last year at the University of Houston. The center was created with ideas, in mind, to combat the effects of hurricane season. And now researchers are ready to make these ideas a reality.

Dr. Vipulanandan, a civil engineering professor at the University of Houston, has been working with his engineering students to develop this technology.

The center’s theme is “rapid recovery”, and their plans for future technology could be revolutionary. Dr.C. Vipulanandan believes the new wave of technology is effective. “This is being used in Japan very effectively and other countries in Europe. I think it is time for us Texans to wake up and look at alternatives to protect our coastline,” he said.

In the meantime, the research continues, and students will be ready if another hurricane head this way. On August 7th, the center will be hosting a conference that will include speakers like Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Mayor Bill White. The conference will focus on the latest plans and procedures to prepare for hurricanes. This event is open to the public.

Any education or research regarding hurricanes and how to best prepare for the onslaught of one is a positive assistance to the community as a whole. Hopefully this new center will help make sure that the disasters of tomorrow are not as bad as they have been, or could be, should such storms arise in the future.

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