Legal Rights Under the ASR Hip Replacement Recall

When people undergo surgery to repair an injured joint or body part, they hope that life will return to as close to “normal” as possible. Despite the fact that surgery is an extensive process that can be taxing mentally and physically on the patient, people obviously expect the best due to the amount of time, money and pain that goes into it. When thousands of DePuy ASR hip recipients began to experience problems with their implant, the idea that another surgery to remedy the matter was likely the last thing they had to hear. However, with a recall in full swing for the tens of thousands of people who received the ASR hip implant, this is the unfortunate reality.

This blog has covered the extensive details relating to this matter because it stands as a clear example of a company attempting to maintain the semblance of success while secretly knowing the truth about their product. Reports indicate that as early as 2007 DePuy, and its parent company Johnson & Johnson, became aware that there were problems with the implant, yet waited until 2010 to issue a recall. What’s more, this is not the first implant the companies were forced to recall. This fact is crucial because it lends credibility to patient complaints that the companies failed in their duty to provide a safe and well-manufactured product.

Left in the dark about the problems relating to their implant, recipients now ask what their options are. Representing a variety of patients who have experienced problems, our firm is now accepting clients who are suffering problems with their DePuy ASR hip implant. Whether suffering from limited mobility, increased pain, a lack of flexibility, metal-on-metal grinding or several other symptoms of a failing implant, patients whose replacement has gone awry are entitled to damages. Even those who have already undergone corrective surgery to fix complications relating to their implant can pursue a case against DePuy and its parent company Johnson & Johnson.

If you have begun experiencing problems relating to your DePuy ASR hip implant, odds are you are one of the approximated 1 in 8 to be experiencing problems relating to the orthopedic piece. The recall in place relates to preventing the company from continuing to sell or manufacture the implant. Because of the significant amount of stress and turmoil related to corrective surgery, individuals experiencing problems relating to the ASR system do have rights. Contact an attorney at the Berniard Law Firm today to discuss your rights in this matter.

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