Symptoms of Recalled, Faulty DePuy Hip Implant Can Be Too Much For Recipients to Handle

The DePuy ASR Hip System, which has recently been deemed unworthy of use and subsequently recalled, has caused thousands of individuals severe pain, discomfort, and difficulty performing daily tasks that were once easy to carry out due to its failure. Lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson and their unit DePuy for numerous claims including negligent design and the manufacture of a defective product that has caused severe damage and injury. Individual complaints have included pain, swelling, and difficulty walking for years after the DePuy ASR Hip System is implanted. This is deeply troubling, since over 93,000 individuals have received the ASR implant, and now 12-13% are experiencing considerable problems. These numbers indicate that thousands upon thousands of individuals who relied upon a successful implant have suffered difficulties and problems related to the DePuy hip implant.
The majority of plaintiffs in the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and DePuy claim significant medical problems associated with the ASR Hip System. The stories of the affected individuals are upsetting due to the severe hardships they have encountered as a result of having a surgery that was intended to help and not hurt them. For instance, one woman who underwent the hip operation in 2006 began to instantly experience severe hip pain, preventing her from standing for long periods of time or even sleeping comfortably. Further, her hip dislocated twice within a two year time span. After consulting her physician, she was advised to get a corrective surgery, called revision surgery, to completely remove the DePuy ASR Hip System. After she received the corrective surgery, it was discovered that she was suffering from severe metallosis which happened as a result of the metal on metal DePuy implant rubbing against itself and causing friction. This friction, in turn, created metal shavings that deposited in the metal socket of the device as well as her surrounding soft tissue. This condition can make revision surgery difficult for the operating physician and, thus, creates a danger for the individual receiving the operation. Additionally, it was discovered that the metallosis caused detachment of and degeneration to her hip abductor muscle. The fact that she experienced pain, discomfort, and a constant fear of further surgery for over three years illustrates the serious impact the DePuy Hip System has had upon individual’s lives.
Significantly, the revision surgery is necessary for 1 out of every 8 individuals who have received the DePuy ASR Hip System. However, many report that the pain from having the initial surgery and complications due to the implant is not completely solved by having the second corrective surgery. Many individuals, post revision surgery, require a cane or walker to get around and may experience trouble moving or bending at the waist. Thus, the pain and difficulty performing everyday activities continues as a result of having the initial DePuy implantation.
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