Legislation to block import of faulty building material

The U.S. government has stepped forward to bring the law up to pace with protecting homeowners from unknown dangers from contractors.

U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), has introduced legislation to block the import of substandard building materials. Consumers in Florida and elsewhere complained of allergy-like symptoms apparently resulting from a sulfur compound wafting from Chinese drywall in their homes.

“Americans expect structural building materials to be safe and effective,” Stupak said. “Industry testing and recent media accounts indicate much of the building materials pouring into the United States from overseas, particularly from China, are unsafe and unreliable.”

Stupak’s bill also addresses concerns about substandard steel from China. In April 2008 the Congressional Steel Caucus held a hearing on the steel questioned and determined that U.S. Customs inspectors do not have the authority to reject inferior steel and cannot ensure that it will not end up in U.S. infrastructure.

Again a solid step forward for protection against faulty imported materials is inherently necessary and proof the government is taking this issue seriously and learning lessons for the future.

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