U.S. Government Confirms What We Know: Chinese Drywall Unhealthy

A U.S. governmental agency confirms what U.S. homeowners already knew:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tests of high-sulfur Chinese drywall have confirmed differences between the imported material and U.S.-made drywall, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said Tuesday.

The new EPA tests showed the Chinese-made drywall contained sulfur that was not in U.S. drywall, strontium (a metallic element) at levels 10 times as high as in U.S. drywall and two other organic compounds generally found in acrylic paint that were not detected in any U.S.-made wallboard, according to a news release.

“We now know there are three things in there that aren’t in other drywall samples,” Nelson, a Florida Democrat, said in the release. “We’ve got the what, and now we need the why and how do we fix it? In the end, I think all this stuff is going to have to be ripped out.”

More news will develop after this as, obviously, it has been made pretty obvious that there is a problem with this drywall and it is causing problems. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact your family doctor, builder and the Berniard Law Firm so that you do not experience any further problems by taking control of your situation medically and legally. This problem most definitely exists in New Orleans, Texas and the Gulf Coast so it’s important that owners do not sit back and accept their predicament. The time for action is now and property and home owners should not stand back and wait.

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