Louisiana Tracking Chinese Drywall Reports

WWL TV released a news bit last week that shows Louisiana is well aware of the Chinese drywall threat and are keeping track of complaints as they come in. Of note, the article quantifies just how much drywall may have come into the state for use in building homes to the tune of 60 million pounds:

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana public health officials are tracking Chinese drywall that some say is ruining homes and making people sick.

Assistant State Health Secretary Dr. Rony Francois said according to some reports, as much as 60 million pounds of the product may have entered the state, enough for 7000 homes.

“The Chinese drywall was imported around 2004-2005 during a contruction boom which first occurred in Florida and then also here in Louisiana,” Francois said.

Francois said right now, the state is trying to determine the exact contaminants.

It is a good indication that Louisiana officials are tracking reported cases and are looking to stay serious on the issue. The shocking element, though, is that up to 7000 homes could be contaminated by this hazardous material and that educating the public on “what that smell is” may be an essential step forward by the state. Either way, it is obvious that Chinese drywall was not isolated to Florida, where reports began to emerge but, rather, to the city of New Orleans and Louisiana at-large.

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