Louisiana Senator Co-Sponsors Chinese Drywall Recall Bid

In breaking news, Democratic Senators Bill Nelson of Florida and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana have called for initiating recalls on drywall originating in China. The South Florida Business Journal reports

Two U.S. senators are calling for a recall of high-sulfur Chinese drywall that is believed to be causing metal corrosion and an odor of rotten eggs in thousands of homes in the Southeast.

Sens. Bill Nelson of Florida and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, both Democrats, said in a press release Monday that they filed new legislation aimed at initiating a recall and imposing an immediate ban on “tainted building products from China.”

The legislation comes as homeowner complaints mount in South Florida. Homes built by WCI Communities in Parkland are the subject of complaints.

Such a recall would be a very important step for homeowners to become more aware from their builders on what materials were used and for a system of responsibility to be established. It also shows that there’s little to no dispute that the product is inherently flawed, as has been reported on the internet and on this blog. With the national attention this legislation will cause, it is only a matter of time for the full scope of this problem to become apparent and we will find out just how many people’s homes have been affected.

If you believe your home may have been built, or rebuilt for that matter, using Chinese drywall, contact the builder or previous homeowner as well as the Berniard Law Firm to find out what actions are necessary to fix your home and be compensated for the problem.

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