Stress relating to Katrina causing heart problems

According to a recent study run by researchers within New Orleans has found that, since Katrina, a significant number of heart-related emergencies and interventions have occurred. reports

Researchers say chronic stress related to Hurricane Katrina has contributed to a significant increase in heart attacks in New Orleans.
The study, which analyzed the number of heart attack patients admitted to Tulane Medical Center two years before the storm and two years after the hospital reopened, found a three-fold increase in heart attacks and a 120 percent increase in coronary interventions, such as angioplasty, after Katrina struck in August 2005.

The post-Katrina patients had significantly higher rates of unemployment, lack of medical insurance, medication noncompliance, smoking and substance abuse, Tulane University said in a release.

No doubt much of this stress can also be attributed to insurance companies and the difficulties many people have with them when trying to make claims go through. Trying to handle your claim and subsequent appeals without a legal expert can lead to a large amount of stress and may very well be a marked part of this population grouping. Regardless, these incidences are yet another effect from the hurricane(s) that had yet to be revealed until recently and is truly tragic.

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