Poll indicates Gulf Coast residents STILL not hurricane-ready

In a report by Fox News, most coastal residents are not prepared for hurricane season.

Many Americans who live in Gulf and Atlantic Coast states are not prepared for an active 2009 hurricane season, despite being slammed last year, a new Mason-Dixon poll found.

More than half those surveyed, 66 percent, said they don’t have a hurricane survival kit and 62 percent said they don’t feel vulnerable to a hurricane or related tornado or flooding.

A majority of them, 83 percent, said they haven’t done anything in the past year to make their houses more hurricane-resistant, according to the poll.

While the last fact, that more preparation has not been undertaken since last year, may be a bit misleading as many residents of the Gulf Coast took extraordinary measures in the wake of Katrina to be ready, these numbers are still troubling. Storm and Hurricane preparation and informational tips are available within this blog and residents of Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Texas and other states are urged to become vigilant in keeping up in their preparations. Check your insurance information to see if it covers any new developments or additions to your home or property and, again, follow some of these tips. The time is most definitely well spent as the storm season approaches.

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