Some pessimistic about results from Chinese drywall forum

The lead-up to Wednesday’s summit on Chinese drywall in China has been looked forward to by many as a great chance for headway to be made on rectifying the faulty wallboard installed in people’s homes and getting these families into safe homes. While some may be optimistic, others remain doubtful any changes or productive resolutions will come out of the forum.

The Fort Myers News-Press reports

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Orlando, who has led the congressional charge to tackle the problem, isn’t expecting any answers from the summit.

His own August trip to visit the same Chinese government standards agency, called the General Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine, resulted in nothing but “a bunch of bureaucratic gobbledygook,” he said.

Nelson spoke to Wang Zhiyong, a deputy director general of the administration.

Nelson said he asked Zhiyong, “Don’t you realize that you are the ones getting the black eye in this and making a defective product? And having all potential marketplace turn against you?”
He didn’t get an answer.

“I finally got fed up,” Nelson said in a phone interview. It was obvious the agency was not going to respond, he said.

Obviously many different eyes will be on this forum to see and read into what is done and said by members of both sides. Be sure to check out this section of the blog daily for developments as they become available.

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