Nelson keep federal momentum going against Chinese drywall

Also emerging from Friday was Florida Senator Bill Nelson’s call for the federal government to help provide funds necessary to remove Chinese drywall from those homes it was installed in this decade. Moving to continue the federal government’s recent movement towards helping those with the toxic wallboard installed and build momentum against the Chinese companies who sold the product is a resounding success. Further, the move by Nelson demonstrates yet another section of the United States government working to make change.

In a letter sent late Friday to state House and Senate leaders, the Florida Democrat -[Bill Nelson] asks lawmakers to adopt a program like one in Louisiana that sets aside $5 million in Community Development Block Grants to help homeowners affected by toxic, corrosive drywall.

“Defective Chinese drywall is ruining the health and lives of countless Floridians,” Nelson says in the letter, noting that several insurers have dropped policyholders whose homes contain the defective drywall.

Nelson says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the problem and that he has asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine whether federal disaster funds could be used to help displaced homeowners.

The work being done by the CPSC and various federal groups is encouraging and show signs of development as 2009 comes near. One would hope in 2010 that enough will be done that this problematic wallboard will be removed from homes and homeowners will be able to return to these houses and resume their everyday lives after years of being restricted from doing so.

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