Promising news coming from fed on Chinese drywall

News coming out of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal is extremely encouraging for those families suffering with Chinese drywall:

The new chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission said she would ask China to help pay for the billions of dollars in damage to U.S. homes blamed on Chinese-made drywall.

“I will find out if any discussions are going on in China about the costs, are they prepared to participate in providing funds, and what would it take for that to occur,” CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said in an interview ahead of a trip to China next week for a biennial U.S.-China consumer product safety summit.

It wasn’t clear what the Chinese response would be to a request for compensation. The Chinese Embassy didn’t respond Thursday to phone messages seeking comment.

Ms. Tenenbaum said she also planned to start discussions with Chinese officials on whether the U.S. needs a regulatory standard for drywall composition. “I think we need one,” she said.

This is very good news and there will likely be more information available on Monday or later this week on just what exactly the government will be doing to exert pressure.

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