Understanding Texas Home Insurance Plans (Form A)

When getting Homeowners Insurance in the state of Texas, it is important to understand just what is, and is not, covered by these policies. While agents might be eager to assure you that any accident or damage can be quickly claimed under Homeowners Insurance policies, citizens in Texas found themselves out of luck in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. Instead of hoping that your protection is all you need it to, get informed about your policy.

Under Texas Law, there are two very specific types of Homeowners Insurance – Form A and Form B. With these types of policies, the exclusions to coverage are what is important to point out.
Under Form A Homeowners Insurance, the following incidences are covered:
fire and lightning, sudden and accidental damage from smoke, windstorm, hurricane and hail, explosion, aircraft and vehicles, vandalism and malicious mischief, riot and civil commotion, and theft. Form A does not, however, cover losses caused by a “flood,” surface water or the overflow of streams or lakes. This means that while your homeowner’s insurance would cover a plane crashing into your home, it will not cover any damages the Colorado River could cause if it overflowed.

Homeowner’s Form A insurance is a great policy to have for Texas residents hoping to protect their home from a Christmas fire or the torrents of hurricane wind. However, Form A, as noted, is not enough coverage to protect your home in the event of the very types of flooding that Texas saw during Hurricane Gustav.

If you do have Homeowner’s Form A and are getting the run-around from your insurance claim under one of the damages listed above, call the Berniard Law Firm Toll-Free at 1-866-574-8005 and talk to an attorney about your policy and claim.

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