What You Need to Know About Homeowner’s Exceptions (Deterioration)

Home deterioration can happen anywhere as a result of the natural climate and conditions that exist in the Gulf Coast. Whether it is the ceiling caving in or holes emerging in the floor, various different calamities can develop in your home that require action and repair. Under Texas law it is very important to understand exactly what the law says about what your Homeowners Insurance will and will not cover in the event things in your home begin to fall apart.

Under Homeowners Insurance Form A and B in Texas, deterioration that comes from within the home’s condition itself is not covered. Specifically, Exclusion 1(f)(1) excludes losses caused by “wear and tear, deterioration or loss caused by any quality in property that causes it to damage or destroy itself.” This type of loss specifically relates to a loss brought about entirely by internal decomposition or some quality of the property that brings about damage independently.

What this means to you is simple: allowing any condition in your home to go unrepaired and untreated may lead to even more significant damage to your home than what existed before. Getting a jump on a water leak or damaged foundation may be the difference between having a claim and having the insurance claim denied under this Exclusion.

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