2009: Berniard Law Firm files class action against cable giants

In an effort to bring fairness and acceptable billing practices to Louisiana and beyond, the Berniard Law Firm actively worked in the interest of resident cable subscribers against two cable giants in 2009. Filing in federal court, our firm, in conjunction with attorneys of several other Louisiana firms, took aim at the tying of cable boxes to the use of premium services provided by the cable companies. Because these cable boxes were only available through rental from the cable companies themselves, subscribers were forced to pay twice for what should be limited to the service itself. Facing either unnecessary rental charges or miss out on various channels and opportunities they were already paying for, cable subscribers quickly signed as clients of our firm and took aim through a class action against these companies.

For more information on how to join these class actions against Cox and Charter cable, check out our websites:


We look forward to the judicial process beginning on these cases in 2010.

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