Company advertising Chinese drywall gas ‘solution’

A company located in Canada has connected with a Florida testing facility and has claimed to build a machine that reportedly reduced the dangerous gas levels emitted by Chinese drywall by “up to 85 percent.”

According to, a carbon filter unit has been constructed that limits hydrogen sulfide levels in homes built with faulty Chinese drywall. Allen Air president Sam Teitelbaum states “We developed a carbon filter unit specifically to reduce the hydrogen sulfide (that has been found to leach from the drywall… In a 24-hour test, there was an 85-per-cent reduction.”

The article further details the matter involving Chinese drywall and the path being taken to combat it:

Aller Air was contacted a few months ago by Mulholland, whose Florida-based U.S. Building Consultants Inc. has a government-accredited testing facility that can determine toxic-drywall problems.

It was there a pair of Aller Air systems – a modified model of its industrial RSU carbon filter machine for large surfaces and the RAP-H2S for smaller residential areas – were successfully tested.

As a result of those findings, Mulholland has ordered 25 more units to test on affected homes in the Sunshine State.

His laboratory analysis of the drywall found 11 sulphur compounds and contaminants to which prolonged exposure may cause serious problems to the nervous system.

Some of the serious health conditions and illnesses attributed to those sulphide gases include shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, eye irritations and respiratory difficulties.

While hardly THE solution for this matter, it is good that the problem has attracted enough attention for temporary projects to be developed to combat it. Until the drywall is removed and homeowners are helped in whatever manner the judiciary decides, no true solution has been found.

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