Consumer’s Protection releases activity notes to concerned homeowners

In an email to individuals who have signed up for updates from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Chairman Inez Tenenbaum reveals a flurry of activity the government has carried out in testing and identifying Chinese drywall. While the email largely covers topics that have been posted on this blog, the amount that has been done by the government and efforts undertaken is a positive sign that the issue is being taken seriously and results will emerge eventually.

CPSC actions include the following:

1. To date, we have received nearly 1900 complaints from residents in 30 states about health and corrosion symptoms.

2. We have conducted more than 700 telephone interviews with affected homeowners and we will be releasing dozens of in-depth investigation reports to the media and public today.

3. We have launched a Drywall Information Center Web site to provide ongoing information to the public about this issue. To access the site go to

4. We are working closely with the Department of Homeland Security to identify and stop imports. We have identified hundreds of thousands of stockpiled boards and we have sent notice to the warehouses where they are stored.

5. We want any homeowner who believes their health symptom and/or corrosion of electrical and metal components is tied to drywall, to report to CPSC’s Hotline immediately. They can reach us at 1-800-638-2772.

6. Like all task force members, we are talking to Congressional and White House officials about possible legislation and other means of helping families affected by and struggling with this issue.

The CPSC also carried out talks in China with manufacturers and successfully encouraged one company to respond to US subpoenas in litigation regarding Chinese drywall. While these events may not have yielded all of the results some are looking for in regards to this matter, they show progress and initiative on the part of CPSC that homeowners and those concerned about the toxic wallboard may feel encouraged by.

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