Could Chinese drywall be breaking your Xbox?

In a more lighthearted series of news relating to Chinese drywall, video game and entertainment system fans have recently been blogging about the possibility that the faulty imported wallboard could be frying the Xbox. Recent Consumer Product Safety Commission warnings have included the following list of tell-tale signs your home is Chinese drywall built:

    persistent rotten egg odor
    respiratory or other symptoms alleviated by leaving a building and worsened on return
    blackened and corroded metal, including copper, nickel, silver and/or stainless steel
    premature failures of central air-conditioning evaporator coils
    blinking lights or power failures
    arcing or sparking
    intermittent operation or failure of appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers and electronic devices such as televisions, computers and video-game systems

While no clear-cut evidence is available that Xboxes are being slain by the dozens by this hazardous product, the response has been considerable as worried gamers begin to fear their perfect 2010 NCAA Football Dynasty season may be cut short by what lies within the walls…

And as always, if you fear your home may contain Chinese drywall, check out the CSPC website, located here, or contact an attorney to find out the proper steps to handling what is a serious issue.

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