Dow drains Hahnville chemical leak-causing tank

In further developments regarding the Hahnville chemical leak by Dow Chemical, the tank responsible for releasing unknown amounts of hazardous chemicals into the air has been drained by the company. The Times-Picayune’s article on the issue has two interesting points worth noting:

“One drop of [ethyl acrylate] would send everybody running from this room,” company spokesman Tommy Faucheux told reporters at a news conference Thursday.

This point is odd because just as Dow keeps insisting no major damage has occurred, their spokesman speaks candidly on just how offensive and harmful the chemical could be in the form of a mere drop.

The second item worth noting is

Parish and company officials say nearby residents may still occasionally get a whiff of the chemical, which is being moved into tank cars to be treated at the company’s on-site waste disposal facilities.

Again, this outlines just how harmful and residual the chemicals appear to be, while everyone claims there’s nothing to worry about. Not everything seems to add up on the issue but this blog will continue to keep up to date on developments.

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