Get the Car Insurance Claim You Are Owed!

The loss of one’s vehicle to any sort of calamity is a stressful and difficult event for anyone. When this loss occurs amidst a natural disaster, such a loss can feel completely overwhelming. What can make it even worse is when the insurance company drags their feet in paying you the very money you deserve. The law, however, protects the people from insurance companies dragging their feet and does so with strict penalties for such delays.

In the event of the inaction of an insurer that leads to deprivation of the use of a personal vehicle for more than five working days (excluding weekends and holidays), the insured party is entitled to any legally reasonable expenses that resulted during the entire period of time the claimant is without the vehicle. If the insurance company fails to pay this within 30 days of a claim that the insured is without the use of the vehicle, and the failure is deemed arbitrary, capricious or without probably cause, an additional penalty not to exceed 10 percent of reasonable expenses, or $1000, whichever is greater, will be tacked onto the claim with attorneys fees.

What this means is that, with a speedy claim and consistent effort to stay in line with deadlines and paperwork, the law protects Louisiana citizens from becoming overwhelmed in the event of a catastrophe.

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