Hurricane Rita cases yet to reach trial

As the 2009 hurricane season looms, insurance companies continue to delay and prolong their payouts from 2008’s storms and stall trials. Cases based upon Hurricane Rita STILL have not begun to work their way through the Jefferson County, Texas, courts.

Another Hurricane Rita insurance trial gets nixed
By David Yates
In four years, three hurricanes have whipped through the Golden Triangle area, leading to thousands of lawsuits by property owners who claim they were short changed by their insurance companies.

However, not one of those filings has made it to trial yet.

A case over a homeowner’s insurance claim for damages from 2005’s Hurricane Rita case was set to go to trial on Feb. 3, but was nixed before summoned jurors could step foot in court.

The trial of David Scott vs. Braud, Vaughn & Williamson Insurance Agency et al has been reset for April 17.

Scott sued the insurance provider, along with one of its agents, in November 2006, for allegedly failing to secure a policy on his Nederland rental property.

More of the article may be read here but it is very apparent the insurance companies have zero incentive to make it easy on their policy holders to make a claim and instead work the system to limit the amount they pay out. Because of this, it is all the more important to be on top of your claims and maintain your end of the policy deal so that, in the event of a storm, your claim may be made immediately and, should the insurance company pull any games, you are ready and fully equipped to proceed with litigation.

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