Interesting article on Chinese Drywall

The recently ran a synopsis on Chinese Drywall and the various developments that have come from this very complicated issue, including discussion of a conference held in New Orleans on the issue.

A summary

Amid the welter of questions about tainted Chinese drywall, from the exact source of the product’s defect to how to address it, one thing is clear: the litigation the drywall has spawned is going to be complex, expensive and time-consuming.

Consumers have filed scores of suits against builders, suppliers, importers and manufacturers, some of whom have tried to pass the blame with lawsuits of their own. The cases run though state and federal courts, they cross international borders and they turn on questions of science that are not yet settled.

At a litigation conference held Thursday in New Orleans, attorneys from around the country discussed strategies for bringing or defending the drywall suits and the various challenges inherent in the litigation. For one, suits filed against the drywall manufacturers must be translated into one or more foreign languages.

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