Louisiana Courts Backing Residents Against Insurance Companies

In yesterday’s Times-Picayune, reporter Rebecca Mowbray details a string of rulings by the Louisiana courts in favors of residents against the insurers.

After siding with insurance companies in early rulings after Hurricane Katrina, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal has suddenly cranked out a stream of policyholder-friendly rulings in hurricane cases.

In recent weeks, the region’s federal appellate court has affirmed an award in favor of a homeowner, overturned a decision in favor of an insurer, said that homeowners can collect mental anguish damages when insurers don’t pay, and revived a whistle-blower lawsuit alleging that insurers ripped off the government in paying flood claims.

The apparent change of heart has left many giddy plaintiff attorneys wondering whether the Texas judges involved in the favorable decisions have been moved by the experience of Hurricane Ike slamming their home state.

While it’s a bit pessimistic to believe that justice only comes with life experience, it is very good to see the courts supporting policy holders when the insurance companies hold out. There are a series of expectations the state has for insurance companies, including deadlines, good faith compensation offers, etc. Many of these expectations are inflexible and can lead to a successful lawsuit against the insurer.

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