South Florida Homeowners Challenge Insurance Giant and Win

As reported by WTJV, a South Florida condominium company was awarded nearly $30 million in damages and attorney fees after taking insurance agency QBE to court.

The verdict was of concern to Buckley Towers families whose damaged homes are in the middle of a condemnation proceeding by Miami-Dade County’s Unsafe Structures Board.

The briefing provided information to families and other condominium, property and co-operative associations who may feel intimidated by their insurance company or may be questioning whether their insurance claims were properly adjusted.

The main point of this case lies in the manner in which QBE, by alleging that Buckley Towers was committing fraud with their estimates and that damages may have been caused by the negligent maintenance by the building, as well as if the damages were up for exclusion in of themselves. These tactics are quite obvious in their effort to stifle complaint when a settlement is offered and to intimidate for the sake of saving the insurance company money. When making a claim, make sure that any settlements or documentation sent over by the insurance agency is read over thoroughly and that a legal expert is consulted before any deal is brokered.

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