Even Saints coach Payton vulnerable to Chinese drywall

In perhaps the most high profile account of Chinese drywall being installed in a home, the NFL’s New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has found the faulty wallboard in his house. WNOE reports

The home of Saints coach Sean Payton is one of those where tainted drywall from China has ended up.

Payton and his wife, Beth have joined others in filing suit seeking to recover damages. Named as defendants are companies believed to be involved in the manufacture, importation and installation of the sulpher-emitting drywall.

The drywall has been linked to the corrosion of copper wiring in the houses where it has been installed and in some cases, homeowners have complained of health problems including bloody noses.

This demonstrates that the drywall issue is not limited to just the poor as builders on any variety of economically diverse projects have used the product. If you suspect for a minute you have Chinese drywall in your home, contact your builder or contractor and then contact the Berniard Law Firm immediately to discuss your legal rights before another day goes by.

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