More causes for home issues beyond Chinese drywall?!

New issues surrounding faulty drywall are emerging as builders and suppliers are becoming more and more protective of their business practices against accusations of negligence. A recent article by the Herald Tribune points out that homeowners with symptoms closely mirroring those of people living in homes with Chinese drywall are finding their builders are checking for the faulty imported wallboard and then leaving without fixing the issue when tests come back negative.

The new problem is that there may be more to this health concern than simply those sheets of drywall imported from China:

George and Brenda Brinku’s home outside Fort Myers has all the signs. A Florida health official and the representative of another builder called the house one of the worst examples they have seen to date. Pictures depicting corrosion inside are on the Florida Department of Health’s Web site.

There is just one problem: the home contains no Chinese drywall.

The Brinkus’ home in Alva contains only domestically produced drywall, sparking a fundamental dispute between the couple and Charlotte, N.C.-based National Gypsum, which made most of the wallboard. Another 9.6 percent came from USG Corp., also an American producer, and two boards could not be identified, but the tests commissioned by National Gypsum showed they were domestic, too. Those same tests determined that the drywall had none of the deleterious characteristics of Chinese drywall.

National Gypsum’s bottom line: The Brinkus do not have a drywall problem.

The problem is obvious: the Brinkus’ DO have a drywall problem and the company, National Gympsum, refuses to address it. If you are experiencing any issues resembling those detailed by this blog, contact tan attorney and make sure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve to handle this issue in your home.

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