Name mixup possible reason for wrong embryo implantation

The news has widely covered the story of how one woman, Carolyn Savage, of Toledo, Ohio, found out during her pregnancy that the embryo she had been impregnated with was, in fact, from another couple. Mrs. Savage gave birth to that child and, in an act of extreme charity and kindness, turned it over to its biological parents, Shannon and Paul Morell. The story, found here, has received so much attention because of the extreme amount of compassion it would take for a couple like the Savages, who are themselves looking to have their own child, to give birth to a child that is not theirs, let alone readily hand that child over upon birth. It also shows the possibility for mistakes that recently occurred in New Orleans most recently.

In the case of the Morells and Savages, a name-error may have caused the mislabeling, or incorrect usage, of the embryo that was used to impregnate Mrs. Savage. The American Chronicle reports

In an interview with The Blade yesterday afternoon, Carolyn’s husband, Sean Savage, said it’s possible the error occurred because the mothers share a name, and when it was mentioned that it seems to be a very odd coincidence, he commented “which makes it probably not a coincidence.”

The Savages aren’t related to the woman who will take the baby boy home, but most assuredly, there will always be a connection.

Although the baby won’t be living under their roof, he will always be there, “a part of us,” Mr. Savage said.

The Elmwood branch of Ochsner Hospital closed down their in vitro fertilization program last week after reports that an unknown number of frozen embryos were mislabeled and/or not properly screened for disease before storage. The mixup is itself a tragedy for the couples involved who had turned to the hospital as a means in which they could finally have a child.

A blatant example of Medical Malpractice, anyone who has had embryos stored at Ochsner Hospital or that already knows the mislabeling occurred with their frozen supply should contact an attorney immediately. The Berniard Law Firm does have extensive experience in medical malpractice issues and is willing to discuss with anyone their legal rights in matters involving this case or others.

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